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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dryer duct cleaning tips from Dryer Vent Doctor.

Most people never think about their dryer vent until they have a problem. Over 15,000 dryer fires occur every year. Most of these fires could have been prevented with regular dryer vent cleaning.

Drying clothes isn't all your dryer does.  It also removes excess lint. Your lint screen inside your dryer catches about 60% of this lint. The remaining 40% has the potential to gather inside your dryer vent pipe. If this lint is not removed regularly you will have problems.  

Matthew Bales, owner of the Dryer Vent Doctor says "In my estimation approximately 75% of all homes have this problem. My competition is the people themselves not realizing they have this problem."

A few warning signs of a restricted dryer duct include:
  • Does you dryer takes over 50 minutes to dry a load of laundry?
  • Is the top of your dryer hot?
  • Is their lint builup inside the dryer door?
  • Has your lint screen stopped collecting lint?
  • Have you noticed excess humidity in you laundry room?
If you have these symptoms don't wait, get your dryer vent cleaned as soon as possible. Dryer vent cleaning will save you money and could save your life.  Dont' become a statistic call the Dryer Vent Doctor today.
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